The heart of your  home


Here at Yes to Less™, I believe that the kitchen is the heart of the home.

In our kitchens:

 we share meals

we celebrate 

& we tell stories from our past.

Sometimes we laugh, sing, & dance.

Sometimes we cry and say goodbye.

No other space in our house is as multifunctional and important as our kitchen!  

Together we can create a space for your family

that is worthy of beautiful memories.

Just Imagine

Seeing piles of random stuff on top of your counters?  Things like mail, homework, or magazines?

are you sick of...

Stressed and overwhelmed at the thought of tackling a project like this?  Are you unsure where to even start?

Or maybe, you feel too embarrassed to have family & friends over due to the amount of clutter that has taken over your kitchen and pantry?

do you feel...

 Everything in its place so that you can have peace of mind when you walk in the door.

do you want...

my values & style

100% Confidentiality, always

Beautiful, yet live-able spaces

top notch service

my clients are like family